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The Batman 2021 Trailer Scene and Plots Breakdown | Dynamicsarts

The Batman 2021 Trailer Scene and Plots Breakdown | Dynamicsarts

Batman 2021 full trailer breakdown

The Batman 2021 trailer is launched , And it's time breakdown some facts , details and scenes . 
Director matt reeves of batman revels that he take 2 years to complete this batman script and movie is still in production about 25-30% it completed.
From trailer, this batman charecter is based on dc original comic based .
From comic this charecter was introduced as detective and same we found in Trailers.
This movie is looking superhero less and proper detective more.
Trailer have bone breaking punches and scenes . We see more after production completes.

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Trailer breakdown

The trailer start from a man is putting a tape on his victim .
The Plot was that this man is riddler who starts killing big businessmans , politicians and currupted peoples in Gotham City.

Next scene we James Gordon and his FBI team who investigate crime in same seen 

we see Batman also in this investigating  because batman is recently introduce in Gotham and fights with local villans and bad guys , so James gordon know's him and call him on investigation site because

Riddler leave message " To the Batman " in crime scene . 

And the camera goes to a newspaper on which written " Lies " and also seeing on newspaper clearly we found a name "Don's ....." Which refers to Gotham mayor

Don Michael Junior which we see in after this scene . 

After this we seen a greeting card in which riddler leave message view below .

In which he wrote 

Haven't a clue ? Let's play a game just me and you ....

And some symbol below it which means 


In next scene ,

we see Batman without mask with dark shade around eyes , 

after that we see BATCAVE which is totally normal .
And totally different from other movies .

The finally we get our first shot of our Bruce Wayne which came in funeral of someone ,

In next shot we can see a car enter in funeral and a man come out with Bill board and tape recorder in which he wrote " to the Batman " and it blast soon . Interesting Fact is that the man is that whose funeral and he is next victim of riddler .

After next , we Catwoman stilling something without accurate comic suit , and some fight with Batman at first time when they meet .

Next shot we first look Colin Farrell who is currently not become penguvin . But batman try to catch him .

Next we see Batman fight with police and James gordon stopping him.
So in this movie we see Batman have not support from police. 

Next we skull people who work for whom is not clear from which gang they are but from rumers that they are from joker gang and some are that they are from riddler in face of Skelton make up but one of them 
Ask who are you ? And after that in reply

Batman broken his bones brutally ,
This scene is best part in Trailers 
And Said " I am vengeance ".

We also see Batman mobile and some other scenes. And some big action fight scene such as bike chase and swing.
And at the End we seen Batman logo

And after movie logo and title end

A voice in background , presumably the Riddler's, tells Batman, "You're a part of this, too."
From above we know that riddler kills Gotham currupted peoples as the Batman also . 
That may lead to a major revelation for Bruce Wayne, which would explain why the Riddler targets Batman with letters

Matt clear that all the scenes are from 25% of movie so many more are yet to come .
The Director also clear that this Batman is from other multiverse .

Images are taken from trailer 
Credit: Warner Bros

So they are Batman 2021 full trailer breakdown 
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