Sep 10, 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 movie release date can be delayed once more

WonderWoman 1984 movie release date can be delayed once more

Wonder woman 1984 movie release date can be delayed again , Gal Gadot wonder women squeal movie release date postponed once ,Wonder woman 1984 was supposed to come out back in June, but its premiere has been pushed back multiple times due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

In an exclusive report, Deadline reveals that Warner Bros can be delayed Wonder woman 1984 upto November or December .
In reports of dead 

With New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco movie theaters still not open, our exhibition sources are hearing that Warner Bros. is apt to move Wonder Woman 1984 again, this time out of its current Oct. 2 date to either sometime in November or possibly to late December, thus bumping the studio’s Legendary feature Dune out of its Dec. 18 weekend to sometime in 2021.

In report also they pointed this toward TENET which recently release in theatres of US and didn't received much collection which movie expected due to coronavirus pendemics.

Warner Bros. has yet share any official announcement for Wonder Woman 1984 release date, but its latest trailer was curiously missing a release date, indicating that it could move. 

This is can be reason to delay Wonder woman 1984 movie release date once more .From sources movie can release Late December .