Brie Larson reveales She Nearly Turned Down Captain Marvel because of Anxiety

Brie Larson revealed about Captain Marvel turned down because of her too much anxious in her YouTube video .Larson tells about her incredibly anxious

Brie Larson Reveales her Captain Marvel Turned 

Brie Larson revealed about Captain Marvel turned down because of her too much anxious on her YouTube channel .

Recently Larson also reveales about her numbers of big projects movies audition in her past days such as she additions for all Star Wars films, and even also for Thor and Iron Man 2. But she not get Succeeded Brie Larson told this on her YouTube media later Marvel Choosen Brie Larson for Captain Marvel Role .

Larson tells about her incredibly anxious on such a big role in Marvel Cinematic Universe . In his Video Larson said that

I remember getting a call when I was shooting 'Kong.' ...And I remember they [Larson's team] called and they said, 'Marvel is interested in you playing Captain Marvel.' And I was like, oh I can't do that, I have too much anxiety. That's too much for me, I don't think I can handle that, and I was like, so tell them no. And my team was like, 'Okay for sure.' I think a couple months later they were like, 'Hey they [Marvel] called again are you sure,' and I was like, yeah, I'm too much of an introvert. 

Larson has been given some best movies in his life before join MCU in her adult carrier , Her roles came with Short Term 12 and Room, the latter from which she earned an Oscar for Best Actress. 

Captain Marvel staring Brie Larson 
Brie Larson will next seen on Danvers in Captain Marvel 2, movie release date set on  July 8th, 2022 in near cinemas .
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