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Hawkeye Disney+ series Villain revealed ?

Marvel's Hawkeye Disney+ series villain rumoured may revealed , Disney+ Hawkeye production on way. Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton is among the famous Cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who will profit by Phase 4’s dare to the small screen.

Hawkeye series was one of the first shows which announced by Disney+ in 2019. Earlier, it was revealed that Hailee Steinfeld will be playing Kate Bishop in the MCU but no confirmation for the same has been made yet.

Rumor comes from The Direct, who reports that the Marvel Comics villain Madame Masque is set to appear in a supporting role in the series. It's unclear about role she'll play, may be the primary antagonist of the show, but the Hawkeye series studio is reportedly casting.

The Hawkeye series will be featuring Madame Masque (Giuletta Nefaria) .
Though Madame Masque has been a villain in marvel comic books, the series will rather be using her as a getaway villain before Hawkeye comes faces with the main threat.
Madame Masque aka Whitney Frost who wears a gold veil to cover the distorted face that lies underneath.

She is the little girl of supervillain and wrong doing partner pioneer Luchino Nefaria and has had a huge part in different comic events including a part for Fraction’s Hawkeye arrangement, which is a major motivation for the Disney+ show
Madame Masque is also known for her espionage and hand-to-hand combat skills which make her a perfect candidate to feature in a Hawkeye series.

Clin Barton played by Jeremy Renner in the Marvel cinematic franchise will be training  Kate Bishop to pick up the mantle of the archer hero.
Hawkeye Disney+ series Villain is currently just rumoured, No confirmation out from Marvel or Disney.
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