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Justice League Snyder Cut Filming New Scenes With Casts

Justice League Snyder Cut Filming new scenes with his original and new casts. Justice League head to release on HBO max next year.

Zack Snyder's Justice League will begin filming new scenes set production next month, with his cast members returning for the updated film.

THR reports that movie casts Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Ray Fisher are in the reshoots of filming. With production lasting only a week, it's unlikely these reshoots will dramatically alter the plot or structure of Snyder's version of Justice League.
It starts to complete extra work for the HBO Max limited series. The additional filming will reportedly take place over a week.

Reshoots period overseen by Joss Whedon was a hectic time that resulted in a lot of the movie scenes being changed from Joss Whedon movie. Zack Snyder may shoot a new scene which he believes that need in the movie, new dialogues, and movie upcoming timelines.
It confirmed that new scenes of Justice League Snyder Cut will be filmed, it could even allow Zack Snyder to film scenes that weren't going to make it into the movie initially.

This comes in as major news considering everything fans have heard about no new footage being shot for the Snyder Cut. The fact that this new shoot is only a week-long most likely points to not enough room for more in the budget, but at the very least, Snyder will have some room to complete more of his vision for what was meant to be his biggest film to date. 

Justice League Snyder Cut was finally confirmed in May 2020 after his after demands with #releasethesnydercut, with Snyder revealing it'll debut exclusively on HBO Max in 2021. The first Snyder Cut trailer debuted at DC FanDome in August.
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