Sep 2, 2020

Robert Downey jr confirms on his Ironman role

Robert Downey jr confirms on his Ironman role

Robert Downey jr confirms on his Ironman role in mcu movies

Iron man star Robert Downey Jr confirm about his Iron man role in mcu upcoming marvel cinematic universe movies , Robert Downey Jr who recently say goodbye to all his fans in Endgame where Ironman charecter endes to save the universe. 
The Death of Ironman role it make emotional to all his fans and lovers .

And somehow fans  to are demanding renew this role with Robert Downey Jr , some rumors are also spread during this ,
But Robert Downey Jr Confirms that in an interview about his future Ironman role " that's all done " .

Marvel Cinematic Universe running from last twelve years and universe start Iron man and in lead role was Robert Downey Jr as billionaire , playboy and superhero , Actor Robert played his charecter much better that everyone can't except and in upcoming years iron man becomes one of Important and most favorite Charecter in MCU. 

Question : Let’s shift for one second, can we talk a little bit about work-family balance? Are you happier now that, I think - I don’t know much about your career but just from the outside looking at it - I’m assuming that the Marvel thing is at a slower speed now or you’re done with that now.

Downey: Yeah that’s all done.

Robert Downey Jr many times figure out about his Ironman role to extend . 
But In all you may see Robert Downey Jr Cameo role soon in upcoming Black Widow Movie if everything goes well and no changes held .

Well Robert Downey jr confirms on his Ironman role "that's all done " and he not to play this role in future.