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The Flash movie production begain in March 2021

The Flash movie, the long-awaited screen adaptation of the Flashpoint story, is aiming to roll cameras in March 2021, according to a new report.

The Flash movie production begain in March 2021 From Report

Andy Muschietti, who directed the two It films is tackling this one, which will be the first solo outing for the character on the big screen. Star Ezra Miller, Muschietti and his sister, producer Barbara Muschietti revealed at last month's DC FanDome event that the movie will indeed take inspiration from the Flashpoint comic books, and will feature at least two Batmen, in the form of Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. Both men are making surprise returns to the role after hanging up the cape and cowl.

Besides that revelation, little is known about the film's exact plot. Though if it follows Flashpoint closely, it will involve Barry Allen travelling back in time to prevent his mother's death. Besides the appearance of Affleck and Keaton, Barbara Muschietti revealed that the movie will also feature a number of other popular DC characters. One of them is expected to be Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, with actor Ray Fisher offered a cameo appearance despite his public dispute with Warner over his alleged mistreatment during Justice League reshoots.

Now, a report from The Wrap detailing Fisher's dispute and his potential involvement in The Flash movie reveals that cameras are scheduled to turn on in March 2021. The report doesn't specify the exact date, but says that the current plan is for shooting to begin around six months from now. The report also mentions that the planned start date is subject to the COVID-19 shooting protocols being approved.

Fans, too, will be relieved to hear that the movie is finally on the verge of getting going. After being teased with rumors of a solo movie for years, audiences have been wondering if the project is cursed. Thankfully for them, the past few months have brought a heap of good news, with the casting of the two Batman actors and the revelation that the movie will adapt Flashpoint, as well as introducing the DC movie multiverse. Now, it's a matter of staying patient for just that much longer, with The Flash scheduled for a summer 2022 release.
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