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Deadpool: Marvel wants Ryan Reynolds Highest Paid Actor

Marvel Deadpool Actor rumors that Marvel wants Ryan Reynolds highest paid actor ever in Marvel Cinematic universe .

Kevin Feige wants to deal more MCU big budget projects with Ryan Reynolds in future in comparison other actors.
Ryan Reynolds demo in MCU with Deadpool later movie become highest grossing comedy R-rated movie in 2016, Soon Ryan Reynolds back with massive Deadpool franchise in Deadpool 2.

Report DanielRPK just revealed on his Patreon that Marvel CCO Kevin Feige is interested in lock Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to highest paid in MCU history from Big Deal. 

Deadpool franchise isn't going to wrap yet , Movie will soon preparing for Deadpool 3 movie with cast , Ryan gained lot of popularity in two Deadpool movies and the chance to become one of Highest Paid Actor ever in marvel Ryan Reynolds never miss.

Marvel already taken Big budget actors deal including Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans and more .
But due to ending of some big actor deal Iron man ( Robert Downey Jr) and Captain America (Chris Evans)
it's time for Marvel introduce some new big budget actors deals and Extend Universe.

Some of Highest Paid Actor Forbes listed Chris Hemsworth $76.4m , Robert Downey Jr $66m and other 4 in his 24th list.

Marvel Still have lot of highest budget projects to lunch .
Deadpool 3 not confirmed release or movie production officially yet.
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