Oct 3, 2020

Jamie Foxx's shares Spiderman live action multiverse fan art

Jamie Foxx confirm it's Electro role in Spiderman 3 in opposite Tom Holland , From this Jamie Foxx shares fan made Spiderman live action multiverse poster on his Instagram later he delete it.

Jamie Foxx's reprise his Max Dillion aka Electro villian role which appeared in 2014's The Amazing Spiderman 2 in opposite Andrew Garfield in MCU Spiderman 3 Untitled upcoming movie starring Tom Holland. News about Foxx Returning as Electro every fans look this as multiverse intersection, And expect for Andrew Garfield in Alternate Spiderman role .

All conversation about live action spiderman multiverse already happens between Marvel and sony
Anything but Jamie Foxx shares Spiderman live action multiverse fan poster on his Instagram account pointed us indirectly towards live Spiderman multiverse.

Foxx in context of his returning role shared a post from artist @n.o.v.a.official art showing team up of all spiderman Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire ,
And wrote in his post caption 

tell spidey let's run it back...

Later soon he deleted his Instagram post. View Post below from source via @brian from twitter 

If this happens then we see Tobey, Andrew and Tom biggest live action fights . Foxx live action multiverse fan poster deleted but some fan already taken screenshot although, why he delete if there no multiverse happen? Means it mentions Live multiverse !

Fan made live action spiderman multiverse concept art is more sick and looking cool . Spiderman Untitled 'Home' franchise not begin movie production yet.
Movie expect to release in 2021.
Movie Title currently warp.

Source: Twitter, Jamie Foxx