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Who is Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan ? Comic origin and Powers

Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan soon to introduce in Marvel Cinematic Universe as new Avenger member.

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan is one of having unique powers and strengths, And also newest Superhero in Marvel Comics debut in 2014.
Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman with the ability to polymorph all or parts of her body,
know more about Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan comic Origin and Powers!

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan is a Pakistani Muslim-American teenager from Jersey City, New Jersey . Kamala Khan idolize superhero Captain Marvel.
The First appearance of Ms. Marvel in background of Captain Marvel #14 in 2013 .
She loves to read comics and follow her superheroes .
And the fictional character Ms Marvel got his first comic in Ms. Marvel #1 2014.

Kamala lives in New Jersey with her old brother and parent's. The character was originally first time written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by Adrian Alphona (know for marvel runway's).

Comic Origin Of Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan

Kamala making her one of the youngest comic book characters to get her own live-action series. Her story took off in Ms. Marvel #1 in March of that year.
After a argument with her strict parents at the dinner table, Kamala decides to carry out a rare act of rebellion and sneak out to a party. That same night, a transformative chemical substance known as Terrigen Mist covers the city. The mutagenic cloud, known to activate powers in those with Inhumans DNA, envelops her, leaving her with new abilities.
After taking on the Ms. Marvel name, Kamala continues to have a longstanding connection to Carol Danvers (AKA Captain Marvel). She develops a costume inspired by Carol’s Ms. Marvel–era outfit.
In comics, Ms. Marvel takes on all sorts of evils, from the villainous Inventor, HYDRA, and various terrorists groups to your average neighborhood bad guys. Over time, she gets to know her hero Captain Marvel, and the two later become colleagues, with Kamala even joining the Avengers. She later leaves the Avengers and joins her fellow teenage superhero pals Miles Morales, Amadeus Cho, and Vision’s daughter to form The Champions. More recently, in her newest solo title The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, Kamala traveled to a distant world to protect its inhabitants from invading forces.

Ms. Marvel Powers

Powers of Ms. Marvel are somehow same as from others Avengers. The powers of Kamala Khan (Miss. Marvel) are:

  • Bioluminescence
  • Morphogenic Abilities
  • Polymorph of her body part
  • Shapeshifting resize her shape
  • Healing injury's
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed

Family Of Kamala Khan

Mother - Muneeba Khan
Father - Yusuf Khan
Brother - Aamir Khan

Latest Introduce

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan recently introduce in Marvel's Avengers official game and going to debute in Disney+ Ms. Marvel Series.

There are lot of origins of Ms. Marvel but maybe Disney+ series may show more built story and powers but marvel ready to introduce Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan in MCU.
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