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Marvel Eternals Kumail Nanjiani's Leaked Superhero Custome

Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4 upcoming movie Eternals new promo art release reveals Kumail Nanjiani's Leaked Superhero Custome at Kingo character includes some more details about Eternals.

Due to continues postponding of movies release date, Eternals film was also effect and delayed to November 5, 2021. Introducing an new cast of characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe resulted rest of the marketing has to do with the original date of the film, But movie marketing frequently cause to leak promo arts.

Marketing materials about the new Eternals were leaked, shared by Twitter users @ETERNALSnews.
The image itself shows the image of Eternal and information about movie.
Check out full Kumail Nanjiani's Leaked Superhero Custome post below :
Check out Translation via Thedirect of given information in Art :

Here are the Eternals.
The Eternals are an extraterrestrial, immortal species that come from a far away planet and who arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. These superheroes have protected humanity since the dawn of time.
The Eternals possess incredible strength and the power to fly. Some of them even have other additional powers. 
Coming in 2021...
The return of the Deviants, a race of alien predators, pushes the Eternals to unite their powers. Working as a team, they can save the world!

Nanjiani, one of The Eternals' most egregious actors, has undergone major physical changes to become a Marvel Studios superhero.
The Movie will include the debut of the Deviants, and ancient team of heroes trying to defeat them.

Kumail Nanjiani's Kingo and the other Eternals can be seen at the film premiere on November 5, 2021.
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