Watch Robert Downey Jr wearing Dr Strange Suit share on Halloween

Iron-Man Star Robert Downey Jr share post on Halloween wearing Dr Strange Suit in Infinity war removed scene during shooting and mentioned Halloween.

Marvel Cinematic Universe one of most favorite Iron-Man star Robert Downey Jr share a post on Instagram wishing Happy Halloween to his fans wearing Dr Strange Suit.

Today , 55 year old Robert Downey Jr who is playing Iconic Tony Stark (Iron-Man) role in MCU movies from 2008 always between his fans hearts.
It's another that Robert ended his Iron-Man character with a epic scene Marvel Cinematic Universe wearing Gauntlet with Infinity Stones and heart break for his fans.
He share short clip video post on his Instagram account wishing Halloween by wearing Dr Strange Suit from Infinity war later removed from movie, Robert share clip during shooting of Avengers Infinity war.
Check out his full Instagram post below:

Creating funny face Robert Downey looks more amazing.He wishing his fans Happy Holloween with this what more we expect. Wearing Dr Strange was from Infinity war scene where Iron-Man and Dr Strange switch their costumes to aid them in their fight against Ebony Maw in space.

Although we can see some Cameo roles of Robert Downey in upcoming movies latest one Black Widow 2021.
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