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Zack Snyder's Justice League Adds Four Minutes Extra Screentime

Justice League SnyderCut director Zack Snyder has raised more expectations from fans in recent months. After launching the explosive trailer at DC Fandome, Snyder continued to work to revive his original vision for the DC film, which included a Justice league cast short of re-shoots that lasted about a week in October.
A news that movie can adds four / five minutes extra screentime from reshoot.

Most of the main cast has returned to film additional footage for Justice League's Zach Snyder release, including Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher, which has fans speculating about what the director actually added to his version of the film. want. Some of the shoots show how Snyder and the production are hard at work on re-recording, but while the big names are returning to the set, it looks like the time added to the film will be very short.
In an interview with Grace Randolph on her YouTube channel, Director Zack Snyder, spoke about what fans could expect from the Justice League director's dismissal and how the additional footage played.
When asked by Randolph how the first two hours of theatrical film could be cut into four hours if "only four minutes of extra footage were recorded by [Snyder]," Zack Snyder nodded in agreement and explained how he used to record hours of footage. . who never made theatrical cut during basic photography. This seems to confirm Randolph's claim that a week-long re-admission during October will only add four minutes to Snyder's latest Justice League performance.
Check out full video below, Zack snyder speech seen at 16:00 in video :

Zack Snyder's Justice League release digitally on HBO Max next year with four hours full entertainment.
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