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Zack Snyder's Justice League New Trailer Contains New Scenes

Director Zack Snyder after success of SnyderCut. He teases brand new trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League. Later, It removed from all social network due to background song right issue.

Original director of Justice League Zack Snyder's who quiet his movie during production due to his some personally matter. Warner Bros given all production power in Joss Whedon hand.  He removed scenes from movie due to its original timing which is near about four hours and trim it up to two hours.
Later after Fan demands Zack Snyder back with his cut (knows as SnyderCut) with additional scenes.
The Movie will going to release on HBO Max, During this movie trailer again set to release on social networks with some extra footages / scenes. 

During online conversation with Ping Pong Flix, Zack Snyder has confirmed the addition of a multiple shots in scenes present in the trailer.
Check out his full speech below:-

We were going to just drop it back up on HBO Max and YouTube, or wherever it lives... And I said, well, wait... This was like a week ago, I go, 'Just give it to me, I’ll put it back up on the 17th, and maybe more than that... I’ll add a couple shots'... Just cause, why not?... We added a couple shots to it just to kind of give it a little... pizzazz, yeah!

Zack Snyder Justice League updated trailer is set to release on Tuesday, November 17.
The Movie will stream exclusively on HBO Max starting in 2021 and will release in four consecutive parts.
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