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Zack Snyder's Justice League Trailer Removed from Online

HBO Max Zack Snyder's Justice League Trailer Removed from Online because of Music Copyright in movie trailer.

Director Zack Snyder has his own version of Justice League, which was almost completely erased when Joss Whedon was hired to finish the film. Fans have been campaigning for Snyder Cut to be released for years, but it wasn't until May this year that they had a big win. Snyder Cut will premiere on HBO Max next year.

Trouble last weekend. Fans have noticed that it has disappeared from YouTube and social media, leaving some fearing that something is wrong with the film itself. Luckily, the issue was resolved by THR writer Aaron Kuch, who revealed that the Justice League trailer was downloaded due to music rights issues. "HBO Max removed the August Justice League footage for Zack Snyder due to music rights issues, but will likely return to YouTube once the problem is resolved," said Couch, perhaps freeing fans who were deeply confused by the whole thing.
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HBO Max has removed August's trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League over music rights issues, but it will likely go back up on YouTube once the issue is resolved

The initial restructuring under Whedon (which is currently inspiring their own title) to the resumption of the project by Snyder. So far, the noise about Snyder Cut has been very positive and fans are excited to see what Snyder has to offer the legendary DC team. Additional trailers are expected to be released in the coming months, but hopefully HBO Max will handle the music rights before this release. Justice League Zach Snyder arrived shortly thereafter.
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