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Disney+ Hawkeye Likely to Cast Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop

Disney+ Hawkeye new series more likely to Cast Hailee Steinfeld  as Kate Bishop role.
It was first reported that Hailey Steinfeld was signed as Kate Bishop about three months ago after rumors pointed to her casting for much of 2020.

Last year's it announced San Diego Comic-Con, Hawkeye is one of the smaller projects that Marvel Studios has produced for Disney +. At the time, Renner was confirmed to be part of the cast, but it was also announced that Kate would be making her conceptual arts debut at the event to raise interest in the idea. More than a year later, there's still no word on who will play the new character, but all of that could change sooner or later if Steinfeld interferes with his casting at Hawkeye.

In recent months, Tatiana Maslani will play She-Hulk, Iman Velani as Mrs. Marvel and Oscar Isaac will play Moon Knight - all titled a Disney + series. they may not have plans to properly handle this add-on casting and will instead keep disclosure through project marketing.

In a new post on her official Instagram page, Hailee Steinfeld may have teased her casting as Kate Bishop in the Disney+ series Hawkeye. Her post includes a picture of a three-eyed woman along with the word "Sagittarius", captioned "see u in ✨11✨ days, 24. 🏹." which includes a bow and arrow hints her role for Hawkeye.

Steinfeld turns 24 years old in 11 days, so, on the surface level, her post is celebrating her upcoming birthday. However, the image that Steinfeld chose to include - a woman wearing a purple headband - could be a subtle reference to Kate Bishop given that the Marvel character is known for her own purple hair-wear. Additionally, the bow and arrow emoji at the end of Steinfeld's caption may also be a hint to her archer-related future in the MCU.

Steifeld's Instagram post can be seen below:

Later, "Hawkeye" directors Bert and Bertie commented on Steinfeld's contribution with 3 purple hearts. Kate Bishop's signature color is, of course, purple. The Hawkeye executives who commented on Hailee's post are strong evidence that Hailee has an affinity for Hawkeye, and the three purple hearts further prove Hailee's role as Kate Bishop.

Hawkeye is currently in the early stages of filming before appearing on Disney + sometime in 2022.

Source: TheDirect
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