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Thor actor Natalie Portman Reacts on Chris Hemsworth Post

Thor: Love and Thunder actor Natalie Portman who is going to play big role in movie commented on Chris Hemsworth new body building post. 

While the cast waited for work to begin, Hemsworth made sure he was in tip-top shape as he played the role of the god of thunder and shared his image during training sessions emphasizing his large shoulder muscles. The moment went viral quickly, and people on the internet were mostly confused by the enormous size of the actor.

It's otherworldly. I feel like I'm so unversed in what muscles do and how they get like that. I was like, 'Does the blood drain out of you when you use your muscles?' Because it looks so white, doesn't it? I feel like it's a T-shirt tan, right? Is that what's happening?"
"Oh, Chris, we got to get you some spray tan. We got to help with the muscle pictures."
"He's looking good. It's a lot of pressure. I'm gonna look like his little grandma next to him.

Check out Chris Hemsworth body building post with tyre :-

Natalie Portman's jokes about Chris Hemsworth come from her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The actor managed to speak vaguely about being in pre-production for Thor: Love and Thunder in Sydney.

Thor: love And thunder set to release theaterical on 11 February 2022.
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