Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot Opening Scene and New Fight Scenes

Dc Wonder Woman 1984 new opening scene released from Warner Bros. and new Gal Gadot action fight scenes from movie with Businessman & Robbers.

DCEU Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. release officially Movie opening scene and Some Gal Gadot action fight scenes from public.

Wonder Woman sequel Gal Gadot Diana Prince and Chris Pine's Steve Trevor on big screen with action packed adventures. Movie getting positive response from criticis where movie released. Movie going to release HBOMax just after it's theaterical release.
One of DCEU Blockbuster movie sequel new opening scene and two fight scenes available to watch.

Warner Bros. and HBO Max officially released the exclusive the opening scene of Wonder Woman 1984, showing young Diana (Lilly Aspell) , competing in Themyscira's Olympics.
Check out full movie starting scene below:

And exclusive clip from the movie Wonder Woman 1984 was released for China, One context to the mall scene saving child from robbers. And This clip showcases Diana facing Maxwell Lord in the White House, who is the President, and orders his security to start firing on her and Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman actually ends up getting nicked by a bullet, getting bleeding, before using her tiara again to retaliate.

Although, The movie still to release in some countries. Wonder woman 1984 set to release on Christmas day in US.
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