The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 6 Recap: Power Beaker Identity Expose?

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New and Final episode of the Marvel and Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 6 recap titled 'One World, One People'. The last episode of the series is 48 Minutes 43 Seconds long and exploring the Power Broker, Karli, and his Flag-Smasher team and Bucky and first Black Captain America Sam Wilson with his new Captain Suite, and John Walker's new era of Captain America.
In the previous, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5 titled 'Truth' explored Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). After getting Captain America shield from John he trained himself to wield it and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) gives him a new suit that not reveal as he opens the suitcase the episode end and in the end credit scene, we see John Walker building his new shield and back in his Captain America version as his all authority and position take back from the government. And Zemo capture by Wakandians. And GRC under control in hands of Karli and Flag-Smashers. The interesting thing is that the episode introduces a new character Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louise Dreyfus) which Marvel explores some more in six episodes.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 6 Recap

Marvel Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode Six starts with GRC where Karli and his team members capture all GRC members in a Van where later they plan to kill them.
Sam and Bucky visit the building to save people.

Return of Sharon Carter

While Bucky entering the building Sharon calls him and when he looked back she wears a mask of a policeman to hide his identity and remove it. And the reason that she comes to help them.

Falcon in action with his new Captain America Suit

And when all members prisoned in a meeting room, Falcon entry with breaking the glass of the window room and face his old enemy Batroc with his new Captain America suit. And at last, Sam saves all the people and they started to run away from the room.

GRC members on Target

Karli and the team as they plan some members sit on the Helicopter and some shifted in two Van. But each is in the hand of Flag-Smasher's, Helicopter driver works for Karli and Falcon saves the people as he throws the driver into the water from the helicopter with action.
But still, two Van under the control of Flag-Smashers and they try to kill them. But Bucky tries to stop them and some fight between them occurs and between this Karli set one of the Van into the fire and Try to open the door to save people.

John Walker intro with his new shield

Karli and their team started to run away and then John Walker intro with his new shield to kill his friend murderer Karli. In this fight weakness of John's shield appear and at last, he beat Karli hard and but later she punched him with his leg and he falls.

Who is Power Broker?

When all the Flag-Smashers and Karli try to escape from the underground, they diverge different-different ways but Sharon Carter find Karli and in this conversation, Power Broker identity reveal that Sharon Carter is a Power Broker and Batroc works for him but as he demands more money and threatens to reveal Carter identity. Sharon shot with his gun and Karli shoot at Sheron.

Ending of Karli Era

When Sam hears a bullet sound arrive on the place, Karli fights with Sam but he tries to defend and try to convey her but in the end, as she going to shoot him Sheron shoot Karli and she dies in front of Sam.

After this, Sam gives a world bold message and GRC suspends borders decision.
And World started to call him Captain America.
And rest of the Flag-Smashers are killed by Zemo while they are going to prison by men works for Zemo.

John Walker's Becomes US Agent

Valentine Allegra de Fontaine's conversation with Walker’s wife Olivia Walker and Walker come out in the US Agent suit offered to him by Valentine in calling him US Agent.

Isaiah Bradley honor

Sam Wilson meets Isaiah, And he happy with Sam’s decision to become Captain America. And Sam brings Isaiah to the Smithsonian, where the sacrifice of Isaiah is featured.

Ending of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series?

The series ends with Sam and Bucky where Bucky complete his all task and they enjoy their life on Sam home. And the series re-titled Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

In the mid-credit scene, we see Sheron Carter back to join S.H.I.E.L.D and has access to U.S top secrets.
That's all The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season 1 Episode 6 recap.
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