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How Falcon & Winter Soldier ending set Captain America 4

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ending still missing a lot of details and story point which wrap for future Marvel Cinematic Universe. And from the reports that Sam Wilson's will return in lead on upcoming Marvel Captain America 4. Yes, the movie is in work, screenplay is in development for the movie. 

Head and creator writer Malcolm Spellman of the Marvel's Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series write the screenplay along with his Dalan Musson (Falcon and Winter Soldier).
No further extra details are revealed or maybe decided yet. From the source such as cast, production, plot, and release, etc are still unknown. But we reveal all the possibilities for the movie details.

Captain America 4 movie Cast?

In the movie, Anthony's Mackie Sam Wilson returns as his new version of Captain America. Introduce in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series finale. Where he trained himself to wield Steve Roger's shield. And the world accepts him as America's first Black Captain America. So, Sam will play movie title hero. 

Sebastian's Bucky Barnes also has many possibilities after Sam returns in Captain America 4. Because every movie of Captain's franchise somehow based on Bucky, and ending of the series also featured Bucky and Sam with each other. And one more reason for his returning is a connection with Hydra as the new US Agent introduce.

So if Hydra in topic then Wyatt Russell's John Walker US Agent also appear in the movie. And yes the series left us an intro of US Agent. More Likely, this character sure to appear with or against Sam Wilson.

Our next character is Sharon Carter and Zemo, as their stories also ended with a surprise. Zemo still has the power to do anything being in prison and Sheron still want to get the US government top secret.

Captain America 4 movie Release Date and Title

The movie in development and we have screenplay details that are in work. And also it's confirm that the movie not going to release in Phase 4. As Marvel already confirmed all Phase 4 movies and series. So, being under development the movie will release in 2023 to mid-2024 after Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2 release.
The movie Title can not predict much better for Falcon's Captain America, but maybe the movie title All-New Captain America or Captain America: Man Out of Time.
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