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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 4 Review: New Captain America goes wild

Disney Plus The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Marvel's The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series fourth episode review and details release on this Friday, on Disney+ titled 'The Whole World Is Watching' with 51 minutes 20 seconds long runtime. Continuing the Legacy of Captain America and the return of billions of people after Endgame causes more problems, with that the series takes a serious U-turn with the new Captain America.
In previous episodes, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), and Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl) are on the search for the Super Soldier Serum from Flag Smashers. And episode third end with Bucky found that Wakandan special forces member Ayo (Florence Kasumba), and others following them. Who wants Zemo because he killed her country's king.

What's going on in Episode 4?

'Spoiler Ahead' if you do not watch episode 4 then go and watch on Disney+.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 4 starting with Bucky and Ayo 6 years ago in Wakanda in where she helping him to change his current behavior. And soon we see Falcon and Bucky with Zemo taking more queries about the Flag-Smasher with the help of Refugees. And here we get an entry of John Walker (Wyatt Russell's) Captain America with his friend Lemar Hoskins (Cle Bennett), aka Battlestar who wants to arrest Zemo. While query-time Zemo managed to find out about Flag-Smasher leader Karli.

As Karli and her team with refugees attending the Madani's mourning, Sam alone trying to convey to Karli not to do any illegal work, John Walker can't stop himself and enters in the mourning and following him Bucky also entered. Zemo also managed to escape and caught Karli while she trying to escape. Zemo shoot at her with a gun and one bullet hit her and she fell later she escapes and all left Super Soldier Serum to fallen down, And Zemo destroys each one under his leg. One last serum left as Zemo was hit by a shield from John Walker.

John Walker took that Serum secretly and when Sam, Bucky, Zemo, John Walker, and Lemar discussing with each other, Ayo with one more his mate enters to arrest Zemo, and then the action scene takes place.

Between this fight, Zemo's quick escape from the bathroom in which a secret path build. John Walker upset about his defeat with the Wakandian army, and then he decided to test the left Serum on his body.

Karli again wants to discuss with Sam but John Walker with his friend Lemar enter there and a fight again we see between John Walker, Sam, Bucky, Battlestar with Karli and his team.

In this fight, Karli accidentally kills John friend Lemar Hoskins (Battlestar), with a single punch to the chest. And he died instantly. John becames too angry as his friend died. Karli manages to escape and run into the crowd with his team but Walker runs and catches one of Flag-Smasher's members in the street and he publicly kills him with a shield. 
In the street, most of the crowd record this dark moment on their phone, and the image of the bloodied shield is broadcast around the world. And here the episode ends.

In this full episode we have not seen any Power Broker details, This this quick Review and Details about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series episode 4 streaming on Disney+. The next episode will air on 16 April.
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