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Reasons why Spider-Man: No Way Home will be Spider-Verse movie?

Sony Pictures and Marvel finally debuted Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer officially globally after leak. And the trailer is getting a positive response than previous records. Sony Pictures and Marvel contracted Spider-Man: No Way Home movie premiere on theatres this December 17, and the last big-budget superhero film this year. Of course, every Spider-Man fan has big expectations with this film, probably that it will feature Spider-Verse. Where three Spider-Man will show together on the big screen to defeat their foes.

Tom Holland debuted in MCU in a Spider-Man role in 2016, Captain America: Civil War. Till now, he continues in the role. But on the other hand, there are already two big franchises of Spider-Man on the list. Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy in which Tobey Maguire and Amazing Spider-Man franchise in which Andrew Garfield was in the lead. But unfortunately, these franchises ended as Sony canceled the project for reasons. For every Spider-Man version audience, this movie can retrieve their lovable actor roles once again in action.

Marvel Studios, working on expanding its universe with the multiverse concept. And Tom Hiddleston Loki, Disney Plus series based on multiverse featured the way where alternative timelines realities connect. It is also, better opportunity for Marvel since Spider-Man: Far From Home movie was released in 2019. Now, after two years, Black Widow is on the big screen. Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings and Eternals will be bringing on theaters before No Way Home. To be honest, Fans are excited more for prequels in comparison to them.

What more can we expect from the possibilities that this Spider-Man: No Way Home movie will bring all the Spider-Man together this December. We are going to talk about all the biggest, and strongest pieces of evidence, rumors, and theories so far, which make me feel as this will be a Spider-Verse live-action movie. And Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland together will be going to crash box-office. What do you think? When finally about five villains featured in the trailer


Multiverse is a big one and in the trailer, Doctor Strange also uses one of his most dangerous spells to remove Peter's Spider-Man identity from everyone's mind. But, Peter disturbed him and he loses control which creates a disturbance in timelines. So, here multiverse problem rise, and this lead multiverse travel of villains like Electro, Green Goblin, Doctor Ock, lizard, etc. If they can travel so why not Tobey and Maguire? exactly not at the same time but with the help of Stephen.


Everything started from the first multiverse villain, Electro appearance, in the movie. Later, one more villain was cast in the film. In October 2020, News came out that Jamie Foxx will be reprising his The Amazon Spider-Man 2 villain Electro. Soon, Jamie Foxx himself confirmed it with one Multiverse Art, and also he will appear in yellow than blue. After Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina confirmed that he will be reprising Spider-Man 2 villain Doc-Ock role. He also confirmed that he will be De-aged in a movie. And taken at the movement, where he was dying in Spider-Man 2 movie. And this is what we got in the trailer. Whereas Dafoe laughs, and his famous weapon Bomb is seen in the trailer. Also, Sandman has featured in the trailer for Short with Electro. Interestingly, when you will notice deep you will find Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man movie.

If multiverse multiple villains in the movie more possible chances that Peter can not handle them each. So, a better opportunity to call other Spider-Man who already defeated them in their timeline.


A second official confirmation came out after Jamie Foxx casting, Benedict Cumberbatch was cast in Spider-Man 3 as Peter Parker mentor after Toni Stark and Happy. When everything has gone out of Peter's control, then Peter Parker goes to take Doctor Strange help. And he used his powerful spell, but also he indicates to Peter that, “Be careful what you wish for”. He, also upgraded Spider-Man suits with his magics which we have already seen in the trailer. Although, he will be the one and only person, who can teleport Spider-Man from alternative timelines to Holland Spider-Man timeline. So, this can be one of the main reasons for his casting in the movie.


It is all about Business. Sony Pictures is a production company and always will want to gain more profits. Each Spider-Man movie sequel or prequel before had three villains. So, why will sony be left behind for this franchise, they already have gained huge profits from the first two movies of the homecoming franchise, and Far From Home hit one billion clubs. So, they will not miss that chance that will gain more box-office collection from the previous. Sony has already experimented with Spider-Verse movies, and that has been successful in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Why Sony Spider-Verse,


When everyone, will forget about Peter's identity then there will be more chance peter will want to move out previously where he will start his new journey but, that will be the Sony-Verse journey?

Sony-Verse will be one more major key. Yes, Sony is now busy building its Verse, Sony-Verse. And if Spider-Verse happens then, it will be easy for Sony, because they have all the characters except Tom Holland Spider-Man (fully) to build its own Spider-Verse and they are teasing connection between these characters. Venom 2, shows Daily Bugle, a popular newspaper from Spider-Man movies, Mobius hinted at Sam Raimi Spider-Man image in the trailer. And, even Karven the hunter movie is now in development. They all are Spider-Man popular villains. Contract for Spider-Man with the Marvel of Sony will soon end with Spider-Man: No Way Home. If, this does not extend then Sony soon connects him in their Sony-Verse movies. If Sony-Verse then they can be just introduced Spider-Verse in this Spider-Man 3 movie.


Recently, a new merchandises poster leaked from the movie shows J.K. Simmons Jameson, Doctor Strange, and Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio appearance, and Spider-Man new suit details confirmed. And Spider-Man new integrated hot toys also leaked. During the movie shooting, fans spotted Andrew Garfield's stunt double at the filming spot. And after the movie shooting was completed crew members were offered many gifts and a T-shirt also which shows a TASM suit. In April, Roger Pera, Tobey Maguire's voice dub actor confirmed his involvement in the movie.


Meanwhile, an officially confirmed villain is five in the movie. Collider points that except for others (who appeared in the trailer) Rhino will also join the movie.


Phase Zero shared that Charlie Cox Daredevil completed shooting for the movie. And, It is not confirmed, but in the trailer, we can see that Peter is in big trouble with his identity, and he is facing legal problems from the government. So, Charlie Cox can be helping him during this event.


Leaving all the rumors and theories, the main reasons that lead Spider-Man: No Way Home will not be a Spider-Verse movie is all profit to Sony or Marvel not agree if the contract will be going to extend in the future. Previously, Marvel denied using that Spider-Man: Far From Home scene Th Sony shoot for the Venom movie. Or, Sony wants their perfect Spider-Verse movie. No more reasons.

In the end, the conclusion comes that every detail points us we may see all the Spider-Man together maybe, just for a short runtime or in large. What do you think about Spider-Man: No Way Home, and what is your opinion of the Spider-Verse movie? How much you liked the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer?

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