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Marvel's Hawkeye Official Trailer | Clint meets his die-hard fan Bishop

Hawkeye | Disney Plus

Marvel released one more Disney Plus upcoming series Hawkeye trailer scheduled to premiere exclusively this November. Fifths series after the successful release of Wanda Vision, The Falcon, and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If, these series already created new records on the OTT Platform. So the Hawkeye series will be going to join them soon.

Hawkeye series starring Clint Barton starring Jeremy Renner and Kate Bishop starring Hailee Steinfeld new trailer explores Clint meets his fan Kate Bishop — a character in New York wearing Hawkeye's Ronin outfit from Endgame movie. She is a 22-year-old Archery girl. The trailer starts with Barton, where he wants to spend left time with his family and but after he meets Kate, a new action-packed journey starts. Where he wants to reach his family before Christmas, as he promised at the starting of the trailer.

No doubt that the trailer contains many funny and active movements. But how's the world's greatest archer — Kate — being ready for his avenger journey will be more impressive. Watch the full trailer below:

Hawkeye's all six episodes will exclusively release every weekend on Disney Plus one by one from November 24. You can watch the series with a premiere subscription.

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