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What To Expect In The Official Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

Spider-Man: No Way Home | Sony Pictures

With the remarkable success already from the first Spider-Man: No Way Homethe teaser trailer, there is without a doubt so much more potential and so many more leaks that can and will result from the second, official, trailer.

Immediately after releasing on the popular streaming app, “YouTube”, the teaser trailer for Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man film instantly became a classic. The views in the opening couple of days on the platform surpassed that of Avengers: Endgame, which is absolutely outstanding. Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Doctor Strange sequel are without a doubt the most exciting films to come out of Phase 4. Not only are they the most important films regarding the multiverse at whole, but the hype surrounding the plot for both films, especially Spider-Man: No Way Home, is off the charts. With the teaser for the third spidey film already out, the second, official, trailer’s release is imminent.


Although a release date hasn’t yet been announced or confirmed, there is a lot of speculation and fan theories that the trailer will release sooner than later. I would say, after viewing reports from somewhat reliable sources via “Twitter”, that you should expect a second, official, trailer to come out around mid-November. Since Marvel Studios likes to keep on a more linear and organized release schedule for its vast amount of films, a prime example being The Eternals having its official trailer release in mid-August (around two months before the film hits the theaters). I would expect the official trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home to come out around two months before its set release date on December 17th of 2021; just like The Eternals, and all of the movies that have followed this sort of pattern regarding release date scheduling for trailers/teasers.


Inn order to really grab all of the attention of most of the MCU’s audience, it is important that the official trailer is the best it possibly can be. Even though the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home was an absolute success, it only means that the second, official, trailer has to be that much better. There are virtually so many possibilities that can happen in the second trailer, some quite obvious, and some that are a bit of a reach. Some realistic possibilities that will more than likely be in the second trailer could be the finalization of the Sinister 6.

After absolutely confirming the return of Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock from the original Spider-Man Trilogy, Jamie Foxx’s electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the laugh+goblin ball of Willem Dafoe’s outstanding and groundbreaking Green Goblin from the Raimi trilogy, the confirmation of a possible Sinister 6 for the second film absolutely should occur. Some fans speculated that the sand surrounding electro in the teaser trailer was in fact Sandman, who first appeared live action in the Raimi trilogy. Which is indeed a good theory, after reports of Thomas Haden Church returning as Sandman came out a few months ago from the same sources that rumored that Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx would return.

Fans also believe that the Lizard, who originated firstly in Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy with Doctor Connors being Peter’s teacher and mentor, but then further carried out in the first The Amazing Spider-Man film played by Rhys Ifans. Which I believe will indeed happen, considering that rumors also surrounded the return of Lizard. Even if all of the above villains listed were indeed confirmed to be in the film from the next trailer, there is still one last slot available. Now, there are several ways the MCU can go about this. Michael Keaton can always return as the Vulture, considering we saw his character in Sony’s new Morbius trailer.

They could also go the direction of bringing back Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio yet again, as it is merely impossible to ever confirm that he is indeed dead. They can go numerous directions, but definitely expect a Sinister 6 to be officially shown in the next official trailer in these upcoming months prior to release date. Now, the biggest and most popular direction that both Sony and Marvel Studios could go with the second, official, trailer would be to include the return of both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as their individual versions of Spider-Man.

This has, without a doubt, been the biggest, worst-kept secret in cinema history. From reliable leaked set videos to deleted foreign Sony products involving the confirmation of the multiverse, involving Tobey and Andrew in the projects. With both of them returning still having a good amount of fans in doubt, including both of them, even if it’s just a slight millisecond glimpse, would get literally every single Marvel fan into the theaters. 


After all of the information leaked and all of the rumors that have been backed by somewhat reliable sources, I believe that Marvel Studios and Sony should in fact carry out this Sinister 6/Spider-Verse concept for the third film. Initially, I thought that Tom Holland’s third film should really focus on the story of Peter Parker being more individual and less-reliant on other Avengers to be heavily involved in his film. But the more and more I realize that it is nearly impossible for any other Avenger to get involved, also the fact that Peter is in such a pickle (after the events from Spider-Man: Far From Home), the more I have adapted my theories. And after seeing Doctor Strange have a huge impact on the entirety of the plot of Tom’s third Spider-Man film, my personal opinion on what should happen/what will happen drastically changed as well.

All in all, a Tobey and Andrew tease in addition to the confirmation of the Sinister 6 should, without a doubt, be in the official Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer that you should expect to release mid-November. Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to premiere in theatres this December 17.

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