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Tom Hardy teases a Live Action Spider-Verse and “Multiverses” in Future Venom Projects

Tom Hardy was interviewed on ET Canada about his future as Venom in future projects, also what we could expect in the film(s).

“There’s a Venom-Verse, you know, there’s a Spider-Verse, there’s multiverses, there’s all kinds of canon and lore and mythology to explore both laterally and forward in time” 

In the interview, Hardy did what he was expected to do by discussing how you have to build the foundation for the franchise first. How you have to make it stable, then you can proceed to go onto a further and more interesting arc; how you can “go bigger

“First, you establish a character. If people like it, then you take them on a journey. Obviously, Carnage, he’s a high priest in that aspect in the arcana of the characters. It’s like ‘Wow, you’ve got to go bigger,”

Even though this may seem like something to just breeze past and take into account for later, it is quite interesting that Hardy mentioned the possibility of the “Spider-Verse”. As the Spider-Verse isn’t something that we initially expected to be involved in his possible Venom sequel. Hardy has also been seen wearing a Spider-Man: No Way Home set hat, which could possibly mean that he is also in that film in a possible cameo, or even villain Sinister 6 team up. 


Although it isn’t a very big report, speculations can only grow from this interview. Not only did Hardy mention the possibility of the “Spider-Verse” and “multiverses” arising from the MCU, but he hinted at the idea that his Venom franchise could intervene with the events that take place in the MCU. And with reports and photos showing Hardy with a Spider-Man: No Way Home set hat, fans are only beginning their speculations regarding the possibility that Hardy’s Venom could definitely be tied into the MCU very soon


I believe that Venom: Let There Be Carnage will include a post-credit scene that introduces Tom Hardy’s Venom as a possible cross-over into the MCU. Though very brief, there has to be an important post-credit scene in Hardy’s second Venom film. How could they carry this out? Well, considering that Doctor Strange was seen in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer breaking the multiverse, this could easily give a solid explanation for how the Sony universe could in fact be involved in the MCU’s plotline. Maybe we see Hardy’s Venom get sucked into a wormhole that brings his Venom to the streets of New York, but in a different reality. In Tom Holland’s Spider-Man universe! Whatever happens, Venom’s sequel will for sure be a ride, along with his other upcoming projects!

Jason Allen-Roomet

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