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New DCEU Rumors Suggest a Drastic Change in the Justice League

In the past couple of days, new information from the upcoming Flash movie has reportedly been rumored by various sources on twitter. Now, whether these rumors are entirely true or not is yet to be established but the idea behind these likely being true given the fact that everything regarding the DCEU has been utterly unstable is not far fetched.

Check Rumor Via Twitter Below:

Again, nothing is confirmed. But, what is listed in this tweet is quite interesting. What most fans are complaining about, respectfully so, is the fact that Henry Cavil’s Superman is being completely disregarded after his Man of Steel movie in 2013, and appearing in Snyder films like Batman v Superman: Drawn of Justice in 2016 and Justice League in 2017. Cavil was looking at being given great promise with a future in DC’s Extended Universe, but according to recent rumors surrounding the new Flash movie and also issues surrounding Cavil’s relationship with Warner Bros. Pictures, his future seems to be no more.

Another topic to talk about is the fact that Supergirl, who has yet to appear in any sort of DCEU project, is going to take on the duty of leading a supposed new Justice League alongside the Flash who we know from the Snyderverse and also Shazam who had his own films a little after the Snyder sequence of films.

Sasha Calle was casted a little while ago now as the new Supergirl, but it was unknown at the time when she would make her debut officially. After a few reports, it is confirmed that she will debut in the upcoming Flash film and be a prominent role, obviously. She is also rumored to be young and very relentless meaning she will carry some flaws in addition to her introduction. Which is normal for every single superhero in both the comics and cinema. But what is interesting about these facts is that her role is even bigger than imagined before, also the fact that she is basically replacing Henry Cavil’s stamp as Superman in the DCEU considering we have yet to even see her in cinema. It will without a doubt be exciting to see her first appearance!

The two other characters who are reportedly set to take on a major role in the future of the newly shaped DCEU are Zachary Levi’s Shazam and Erza Miller’s Flash. Unlike Supergirl, these two heroes have had a prominent appearance in the latest DCEU films with Shazam getting his own movie and the Flash playing a big role in the Snyderverse. What will be interesting to see in this case will have to be how much these characters have developed since we last saw them, also how they will react to the entire Snyderverse being erased. With much being unknown, there isn’t really a direct point of reference that is official to base off of, but what is known right now is that these characters will reprise their roles in a significant matter that will re-shape the DCEU completely.

How These New Rumors Can Shed Some Light

Even though the DCEU is ultimately getting rid of the Snyderverse and the characters we most dearly loved, the rumors do suggest that a drastic change is coming which can be good believe it or not. Could we finally see the new DCEU be consistent and do justice to both their new characters and respective movies? Hopefully, given the fact that Warner Bros. has had enough on their resume as it is. It will indeed be quite the ride to see if Warner Bros. can achieve such a success as its counterpart, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Without trying to copy or gain all of their ideas as the MCU.

A lot of fans have shown signs of utter disbelief after several rumors regarding the same information previously talked about have been released, and respectfully so. As it is crazy to believe after the Snyderverse’s latest success, Warner Bros. can single-handedly strip it completely as they did with Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavil’s Superman and now with the entire Snyderverse. And even though there is little hope for Zack Snyder’s universe to remain relevant, the future of the DC Extended Universe is unknown which can be both good or bad. One thing for sure is that whatever happens in the upcoming Flash movie, which is looking to be absolutely jam-packed with old and new characters, the future of the DCEU will be drastically affected if these supposed rumors are in fact proven to be true over time.

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