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What ‘The Batman’ Trilogy Should Include

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson | The Batman

So far, Matt Reeves’ The Batman film is one of the best thus far in the year 2022 following Spider-Man: No Way Home’s box office explosion in 2021. What made this film so successful is the fact that it brought a unique look at Batman that audiences haven’t seen handled well-enough in previous films…the true detective/mystery Batman film.

All of the supporting cast in this film, from Kravitz’ catwoman to Wright’s commissioner Gordon, was phenomenal. It truly felt like there were no errors with the entirety of the cast, which is always a good thing in the comic book film industry. In addition to the flawless cast, there were really no holes in the plot except for a couple of minor things towards the end.

For the most part, The Batman was outstanding. This was the first film to convey Batman in a terrifying, yet intriguing way. Although Bruce Wayne wasn’t as big of a factor in this film as opposed to past Batman movies, it made sense given the direction that Matt Reeves wanted to go.

There are extremely high expectations going forward with Reeves’ Batman trilogy. And even though we recently got a Joker teaser apart from his slight appearance in the film, I do not believe that he should be included with a major role in Pattinson’s first Batman trilogy. Here is how I believe The Batman’s first trilogy should go…


For the second film, one villain who would work extremely well with the style that Matt Reeves has brought thus far with Batman would be Scarecrow. Apart from The Dark Knight trilogy’s involvement with Scarecrow, the only other good iteration of the character goes back to the Arkham Knight game which was released on all consoles in 2015.

Why would the Scarecrow be perfect for Reeves? Given the fact that Matt has tackled the more ill-lit and dark side of Batman already, why not include one of Batman’s most mischievous, complex, and terrifying villains of all-time. The infamous Dr. Crane was perfectly portrayed in the Arkham Knight video game, and it would be breathtaking to see him finally done well on the big screen.

Now, this film would have to be given certain ratings for it because it would obviously be a horror-induced movie. But that should be of no issue, as Reeves could definitely manage to balance the horrifying Scarecrow with other aspects in the movie.

Another piece that could be added in Reeves’ sequel film could be side heroes and villains that would complement well alongside Batman and Scarecrow at the helm.

One in particular should be a villain who hasn’t been on the big screen in quite some time, Mr. Freeze. Now, ever since Batman and Robin, Mr. Freeze hasn’t had a substantial role in a Batman film in quite some time. Although, we did see him make quite a few appearances, again, in the Arkham trilogy.

Freeze is another villain who will compliment very well with Reeves, as he could incorporate the two villains at the same time and even adding the fact that Freeze’s wife is incarcerated. There could even be a subplot where Batman strikes a deal with Freeze in saving his wife in return for more insight on Scarecrow (like the games).

I would love to see a good-quality Mr. Freeze on the big screen. I would definitely prefer any adaptation that Reeves has in mind as opposed to the cash grab from Batman and Robin.

In addition to these two villains that could be introduced, Pattinson’s second film could also explore a possible Robin…in particular (and hopefully) Dick Grayson, who is known to be the first Robin in the comics.

Many fans speculated that the child who Batman spotted and glared at for quite some time (also even saved) could be a Robin. And while that is unknown as of now, what is clear is that Reeves wants to address the Robin situation. So it will be exciting where he goes.


For Matt Reeves’ third film, a major villain in mind that I personally have would be Hush. Now, although he isn’t as well known as Mr. Freeze or Scarecrow, Thomas Elliot (Hush) would make for a perfect villain in Reeves’ Batman world.

Early on in the film, Hush would be seen slaughtering random citizens of Gotham and taking pieces of their limbs in order to perfect his face for that of Bruce Wayne, as he did in Arkham City. Batman would have to play detective again like he did in his first film. But this time, he could be accompanied by Dick Grayson who would appear and assist him.

When Batman and Hush face off, more intel on Bruce’s father would be obtained. As we all know, Thomas Elliot, Hush, has a history of working alongside Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father. But after his father betrayed the aggravating Elliot, Hush went on a rampage in attempting to ruin his family’s legacy. Which could be his motive in the third and final installment of The Batman’s first trilogy.

The ending could also hint Dick Grayson’s progression as Robin, and a post-credit scene could be him contradicting whether he should go outside of the role of Robin and more into the Nightwing-vigilante type.

In addition to this impactful trilogy, another post-credit scene could be Penguin with the Joker and them making up some sort of strategy to combat the impact of Batman on their mob industry for the future trilogy.


Although these ideas don’t seem as interesting as past trilogies (like Nolan’s first instance), this sequence of events seems the most logical and interesting when thinking outside of the box and looking more into the de-involvement of villains we have seen countless times like the Joker, Harvey Dent, Penguin, etc.

Matt Reeves’ Batman has the potential to do amazing things, as seen with his parallels to the fantastic Arkham trilogy. So with this in mind, I believe that it is important for his first trilogy to not get exotically extreme. It is paramount sometimes, especially for a more origin-type trilogy, to be based more off reason rather than cash-grabbing…which DC has struggled with in the past.

I do believe by the time Pattinson’s second trilogy comes about, the Joker, Penguin, Nightwing’s arrival in addition to another Robin, Jason Todd, who would make for a nice faceoff with Black Mask as he did in Arkham Origins, would be the perfect way to add onto this already outstanding Batman.

With all of the unknowns, what is quite relevant is the fact that the future is extremely bright with both DC, who has recently struck their own deal with Paramount, and Pattinson’s Batman, who has shown promise very early on.

Jason Allen-Roomet

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