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Fans Shocked By Brad Pitt's New GQ Cover

DynamicsArts Desk

June 23, 2022

On Wednesday, GQ unveiled several photos of the 58-year-old actor for its upcoming summer edition, including the cover image.

Image: GQ

A GQ magazine cover shows Brad Pitt laying in a pond full of vibrant flowers.

Image: GQ

He is sporting a vivid blue shirt and a gold medallion around his neck, with one hand on his chest and a lizard crawling across his body.

Image: GQ

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt's fans criticized GQ for showing him as a wax statue, and many pointed out that Brad looks corpse in the image.

Image: GQ

Moreover, the magazine hasn't commented on the criticism of the cover image.

Image: GQ
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In the latest interview, the actor opened up about his retirement from his acting career, "I consider myself on my last leg," he admitted.

Image: GQ
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Brad Pitt's upcoming action-comedy film, Bullet Train, is set to premiere in theatres on 5 August.

Image: GQ

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