5 best romantic couples in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

DynamicsArts Desk

April 16, 2023

Image: Disney

A franchise of superhero films that span multiple genres and themes, but also feature some of the most memorable romances in cinema history.

Image: Disney

Here are the best 5 romantic couples in MCU who have inspired us with their love and sacrifice.

Image: Disney

1.Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

A love that transcended time and space, they finally got their dance in the end.

Image: Disney

2.Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

From boss and assistant to husband and wife, they supported each other through thick and thin.

Image: Disney

3.Wanda Maximoff and Vision

A tragic romance between a witch and a synthezoid, they created a perfect world for themselves until reality intervened.

Image: Disney

4.Peter Quill and Gamora

A pair of misfits who found each other in the galaxy, they had their ups and downs but always had each other's backs.

Image: Disney

5.Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne

A funny and charming duo who shared a passion for shrinking and growing, they made a great team both in and out of their suits.

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