Ana De Armas Movies That Are Worth Watching

DynamicsArts Desk

April 15, 2023

Image: Warner Bros.

Ana De Armas is a Cuban-Spanish actress who has starred in many movies, both in Spanish and English.

Image: Apple+

Here are some of Ana De Armas movies that you don’t want to miss

Image: Netflix

5.Blonde (2022)

where she plays Norma Jeane, aka Marilyn Monroe.

Image: Netflix

4.The Gray Man (2022)

she plays Dani Miranda, a CIA operative.

Image: Universal Pictures

3.No Time to Die (2021)

where she plays Paloma, a Bond girl.

Image: Lionsgate Films

2.Knives Out (2019)

she plays Marta Cabrera, a nurse and the main protagonist.

Image: Warner Bros.

1.Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

she plays Joi, a holographic companion.

Image: Apple+

Ana De Armas has also appeared in other movies such as War Dogs, Hands of Stone, Knock Knock and more. She’ll play a secret agent with Chris Evans in upcoming film Ghosted.

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