Top 7 R-Rated Marvel & DC Movies Ranked By IMDb Ratings

DynamicsArts Desk

July 30, 2023

Image: DC

7."The Suicide Squad" (IMDb: 7.3)

Misfit anti-heroes save the day.

Image: DC

6."Watchmen" (IMDb: 7.6)

Complex heroes in an alternate world.

Image: Marvel

5."Deadpool 2" (IMDb: 7.7)

Deadpool's crazy team-up adventure!

Image: Marvel

4."Deadpool" (IMDb: 8.0)

Merc with a mouth's hilarious chaos.

Image: DC

3."Zack Snyder's Justice League" (IMDb: 8.0)

Epic DC heroes unite under Snyder's vision.

Image: Marvel

2."Logan" (IMDb: 8.1)

Wolverine's raw, emotional farewell.

Image: DC

1."Joker" (IMDb: 8.4)

The gritty origin of Batman's iconic nemesis, painting a haunting portrait of a troubled soul descending into madness.

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