6 Highly Controversial Marvel & DC Movies

DynamicsArts Desk

August 09, 2023

Image: DC

Movies that sparked debates and discussions within the fan communities & the general audience, highlighting the diverse perspectives on their overall merit.

Image: Marvel

6."The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

A Spider-Man film that garnered mixed reactions.

Image: Marvel

5."Thor: The Dark World"

Opinions differ on this Marvel sequel's quality.

Image: Marvel

4."Justice League"

Mixed reviews on the team-up of DC's heroes.

Image: DC

3."Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

A divisive clash of two iconic heroes.

Image: DC

2."Suicide Squad"

Critics and fans clashed over this antihero ensemble.

Image: DC

1."Man of Steel"

A polarizing Superman reboot with varying viewer opinions.

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