A Recap of Marvel's Loki Season 1

DynamicsArts Desk

September 21, 2023

Image: Marvel

1. Variant Origins

Loki, the variant, encounters TVA, sparking a time-twisting saga.

Image: Marvel

2. Sylvie's Paradox

Variant Loki meets Sylvie, blurring lines between selves.

Image: Marvel

3. Variant Chaos

Kid Loki, Classic Loki - variants assemble, altering timelines.

Image: Marvel

4. TVA's Secrets

TVA's facade crumbles, as Loki and Mobius confront time's enigma.

Image: Marvel

5. Multiverse Nexus

Sacred Timeline fractures, Nexus events fuel cosmic chaos.

Image: Marvel

6. Citadel Revelation

He Who Remains unveils multiverse's control from the Citadel.

Image: Marvel

7. Multiverse Unleashed

Sylvie's choice ignites the multiverse, reshaping reality's rules.

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