Sam Raimi Has Expectations with Dr. Strange 2 More than Spider-Man Trilogy

Sam Raimi is popularly known for his horror and scarifying movies, And Tobey Maguire's starring Spider-Man trilogy superhero movie. After the massive success of Doctor Strange, a movie sequel was declared with the beginning of MCU phase 4. And the movie is expected to be darker than ever in Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson was replaced by Sam Raimi for the sequel, And who already directs 2002's Spider-Man. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness already in production and already delayed for March 2022 due to the Covid pandemic around the world.
In a new Question and Answers session, Sam Raimi for his upcoming horror film The Unholy started on Reddit, Compares directing Dr. Strange sequel about twenty years ago, Spider-Man movie.
In the session, Reddit user @carolinagamecomics asked the question to Sam Raimi, what it's like to work on a Marvel movie in the early 2000s compared to in 2021. The Director replies to the user with pleasure that, “There were fewer expectations back then.”

He also shares his experience and pleasure working with Marvel CEO and producer Kevin Feige after a fan asked about what it's like to work with legendary MCU producer Kevin Feige. He said that:

"Kevin Feige is a great producer. He knows his characters and story better than anybody. And that's really a great producer's super power."

Sam Raimi has well superhero film directing experience with Marvel and Sony Spider-Man Trilogy that are blockbusters at the box office. And attract more audiences towards superheroes, Even when Marvel does not truly begin around the world theatres.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie set to release in theaters on March 25, 2022.
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