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The Flash: George Clooney Batman Actor Hasn't Called For Movie

Lightning returned several years, but the character's presence has increased. Michael Keaton is expected to return as Batman nearly thirty years after his last role in "The Return of Batman". His performances will be attributed to the adventures of the multiverse at the heart of The Flash. However, the film will bring back Ben Affleck as Batman. The idea of ​​having two different versions of Batman in one film has fans wondering if another film will come up.

In and interview with Empire, George Clooney said "It's funny – you'll notice they didn't call me! Somehow I didn't get that call,". "They did not ask for my nipples." Clooney's Batsuit is infamous for having built in rubber nipples, really emphasizing some parts of the human body which did not need emphasis. "Listen, there are certain things you never know," he joked. "This one, I know."

Clooney is open about that Batman and Robin are not a good film at all, but he quickly falls for the sword. This actor never embarrassed the writer, director, or other production members for his flaws. "The only way to talk honestly about things is to include yourself and your flaws in these things," he said. "When I say Batman and Robin is a bad movie, I always say, 'I'm really bad at it.'

Clooney's statement clarify earlier rumors that the actor, along with fellow ex-Batman actors Val Kilmer and Christian Bale, was asked to return for The Flash. Although there was still a small chance of returning, given Clooney's comments, that seemed very unlikely.

Given the sheer number of aspiring former DC stars available for this new eclectic DCEU solo film, it will be interesting to see what the final cast looks like. There are still no serious rumors suggesting another unexpected appearance, but with almost two years before the film is released, anything is still possible.
The Flash set to released on November 4, 2022.

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