Leaked 'The Batman' photos reveals villain 'Riddler' in the terrific look

The Batman movie changed the look of Riddler with a Terrific one instead of comics-accurate for the movie. As, DC's one of anticipated movies The Batman some promotional footages released in the public domains. Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie going to release on March 2022 in which Twinlight star Robert Pattinson will play the role of our Batman, the footages has been leaked from a calendar of year 2022.

The first teaser for the movie has release nine months ago from the DC Fandome event alongside Wonder Woman 1984, Black Adam, and Zack Snyder Justice League and many more. And fans first time watched Riddler killing corrupted businessman from Gotham city and leaving a riddle for the Batman. But due to short time and dark tone of his scene, we wasn't got the proper look.

From the new footages, it gives the clearly look of him as it's showing the close look of Paul Dano's Riddler. So awesomely, they has try something best from the past. And also fans loving and sharing Zodiac Killer look of his. Watch the footage tweets and fans reactions below:

It clearly seems in the footage art that the Edward Nashton's head wrapped with a duct tape with glasses over his eyes. And the character in a green suit with a question mark as he plays deadly riddles with the Batman. Many also fans comparing this look with a Zodiac killer, a real-life serial killer, who persecuted the northern California, USA and kills the five victims in years 1960s and 70s.

And the leaked also features some more Batman posters, Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne in his suit, and Batmobile. The movie delayed his production many times due to Covid-19 pandemic and now movie finally to release on 4 March 2022, as initially release in 2021. And also what you think about new look of Riddler from comics one?

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