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Sebastian Stan opens about On-Set Injuries during Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Marvel Studios' Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan playing Bucky role, has opened about the injuries he had got during the series sets.

Sebastian Stan during the interview on Variety on May 20, reveals he had ‘injured his ankle on the first day of shooting’ amazingly, he said that:

“I just landed and twisted my ankle so badly that I thought it was broken. Like I actually couldn’t walk on it.”

And continuing he said about the pain he gets while shooting

“In between the takes when we had to do the set-ups, I would run upstairs and two people would help me out of this boot and I would just take my foot and put it in a bucket of ice.”

The 38 years old actor also talked about the fans wanting Bucky and Sam’s relationship in a romantic way, he said:

“I’m just happy that the relationship is embraced, and it should be embraced in whatever way or fashion that people desire and want it to be.”

While the actor got offered a role by Kevin Feige for the series, he was filming another project.

“It was April 1, April Fool’s Day. I was on set working on something and then this unknown number called me, and I don’t usually pick up unknown numbers. I kept shooting, and then, an hour or two later, I finally looked at my voicemail, clicked on it, and it was [Marvel boss] Kevin [Feige]. He was like, ‘Hey, we’re trying to reach you. Just want to let you know that we’d love to do this with you. We’d love for you to play James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. Give me a call back.’ He was very casual about it all.”

These are some emotional and awesome movements the actor revealed during the interview, while he started The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series filming. Injuries are common to actors during the shooting until it was large.

Sebastian Stan is currently busy with his upcoming Hulu series about the rocker and his marriage to Pamela Anderson. And his recent one is Monday: the movie.

The Falcons and the Winter Soldier's first episode has premiered on 19 March 2021 on Disney Plus and contains a total of six episodes. And recently, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan won golden popcorn during the MTV series Award for the 'Best Duo'.

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