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The Batman 2022 new statue shows Robert Pattinson in his full costume

DC going to debut new Batman movie with Twinlight star Robert Pattinson as new Bruce Wayne. And recently, some photos leaked from Calander 2022 of Batman and also gives close look at it main villain Riddler. The movie teaser released during the event of DC Fandome, where some more DCEU movie look and trailer streamed such as Black Adam, Wonder Woman 1984 and Zack Snyder Justice League. Robert Pattinson's some more pictures already released for fans like The Batman screen test, Batmobile and also a poster for the movie. But, new showcase from the movie of Batman is out.

Prime 1 Studios releases the latest version of Batman new statue standing on Bat figure featuring Robert Pattinson wearing the full suit during new showcase. And also some more photos from different shot are revealed. Batman is wearing the full costume with his weapons specially holding Grapple Shooter in the hand with iconic pose. The photos are with Blue and Dark background and noticeable the eyes glowing white as we expected from comics for the movie, so the statue seems are not exactly as in the film we see Robert's mask had seen. Watch the full images of 1:3 Batman statue below:

The shooting for the film has over a few months ago and these are promotional looks starting out. These mostly happen due to delay in movie release and Batman already delayed many times it production, and increase release date as it initially expected to release in 2021 due to pandemic. So, may in future we see more looks of Robert Pattinson's Batman.

DC's anticipated movie The Batman is direct by Matt Reeves' and set to hit theatres in March 2022. What you think about these statues?

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