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Ms. Marvel New Promo & The Batman movie budget revealed

Ms. Marvel New Promo & The Batman movie budget

Marvel's upcoming show Ms. Marvel and DC's upcoming movie The Batman, new updates arrived.

MS. Marvel New Promo

Disney next after Hawkeye Marvel series that will introduce Kamala Khan, a teenager's having shapeshifting powers, Ms. Marvel received two new merchandise posters and a Badge pack.

Pyramid International, an official Ms. Marvel authentic merchandise, features two new images of Ms. Marvel on their website.

The first image, Ms. Marvel (Hero with Heart), is a collection of badges of Ms. Marvel's show.

Ms. Marvel
Pyramid International | Ms. Marvel

The second image, Ms. Marvel (Crystal Smash), features Kamala Khan in her new Ms. Marvel costume and teasing her new powers.

Disney+ official Ms. Marvel poster
Pyramid International | Ms. Marvel

Powers of Ms. Marvel's Kamala Khan similarly looks like DC's Green Lantern as it's rumored before that Marvel upgraded her powers in Disney+ show from comics. Disney+, Ms. Marvel series will release in 2022.

The Batman Movie Budget

DCEU's upcoming The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson's in the lead and Directed by Matt Reeves's new second trailer released at DC Fandome 2021 event and gained a positive response from fans. The trailer gives a dark, action-packed thriller experience as Batman really deserves.

Deadline reported that Matt Reeves' The Batman movie had a $100 million really surprisingly budget. The Batman film is ranked at the fifth position comprising all Batman movies budget.

The Batman is set to hit the theaters on March 4, 2022.

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