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Ray Fisher Claiming Ben Affleck's Batman Re-Casting Announcement had Secret

The DC Extended Universe has had a wild ride in theaters, especially the Justice League movie. When director Zack Snyder departed the set due to a family tragedy, Warner Bros. brought in Joss Whedon to complete the project in time for its release date. What resulted was massive reshoots and a departure from Snyder's original vision. Ray Fisher played Cyborg in the ill-fated blockbuster, and has been publicly battling the studio after alleging toxic and abusive behavior from Whedon and other top execs. And now Fisher claims that the announcement of Ben Affleck's return to the DCEU also had ulterior motives.

Justice League was a box office and critical disappointment when it hit theaters in 2017, changing the trajectory of the shared universe in the process. Ben Affleck left his role as Batman shortly after, but was recently announced to be returning to the role for Ezra Miller's Flash movie. But according to Ray Fisher, this announcement was made pre-maturely in an attempt to silence his own messages about the studio. The 33 year-old actor took to social media to share this latest allegation, posting:

News about Ben Affleck reprising his Batman role in the Flash movie hit on August 20th, breaking the internet in the process. Meanwhile, the DC Fandome came just days later on August 22nd. During that virtual event the DCEU's future was spelled out, as footage and major announcements were made to the delight of the fandom. As such, Ray Fisher believes said news was meant to break during that same event, before the higher ups jumped the gun just days earlier.

This theory by Ray Fisher is just the latest of the Justice League star's posts about the ongoing situation happening at Warner Bros. While keeping the specifics of his allegations mum due to legal reasons, Fisher has been using his voice to update the general public on how that internal investigation was going. And that includes finding the ulterior motive to Ben Affleck's Batman announcement.
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