Dc New Plastic Man Movie Cast Female in Lead Role Reportedly

Dc comic superhero Plastic Man going to debut in movies with Female Actress cast in lead role written by screenwriter Cat Vasko for movie reportedly.

Plastic Man is a fictional superhero who first Introduce in Police Comics #1, published by Quality Comics, and later acquired by DC Comics. Plastic Man was created by cartoonist Jack Cole and was one of the first superheroes to include humor in a main action story.

The studio launched the original Plastic Man picture in 2018, based on a bizarre character from DC Comics, which debuted in 1941. Amanda Idoko, who popularly know for Breaking News in Yuba County, was hired to write the film.
Plastic Man aka Patrick "Eel" O'Brien, an orphan forced to live on the streets, is shot dead during a robbery and is exposed to an unknown chemical that gives his body the rubbery properties that allow it to spoil everyone. To stretch, reflect and sculpt shapes. A monk who took care of him, he turned to law and order and started catching criminals like Plastic Man.

A Hollywood Reporter report explains that blacklisted writer Côte Vasco will write the script for an anonymous film about a plastic man who has been confirmed to play the female role. It is unclear if this means a change in the character's name and is currently the project in its earliest development stages.
What you think about Plastic Man movie ? Currently movie name is Untitled and Movie is in early production age.
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