Hailee Steinfeld confirmed as Kate Bishop for Hawkeye

Marvel Disney+ upcoming series Hawkeye staring Jeremy Renner's as Clint Barton start production after it announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. During shooting of series, a brand new Images and videos out with leading cast including Hailee Steinfeld.

First look of Hawkeye series in front of us with a multiple footages and clips, with best looks and photos qualities.
Recently, a rumor that Hailee Steinfeld is likely to cast as Kate Bishop now it confirm with set photos cast running down in a Subway stairs.

From a Twitter user @CreamOrScream posted new photos from the Disney + Hawkeye series set, which is currently in the early stages of production. Photographs from the subway station show Kate Bishop of Hailey Steinfeld with a bow in hand and Clint Barton of Jeremy Renner with two dogs from Lucky Pizza on their backs looks like hearing aid.
Check out full tweet with photos:-

Set Photos officially confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld is cast as Kate Bishop as business man daughter.
Hawkeye's from Brooklyn, a New York 
production caught the attention of many curious MCU fans on the Internet. Many photos and videos with the latest updates for the kit have appeared on the Internet. Steinfeld, who was set, to Renner, Clint Barton who wore hearing aids may be he have hearing problem introduced in some comics.

Disney+ Hawkeye series currently in production and no official premiere date out from producers. 
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