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Wonder Woman 1984 Reportedly Release on HBO Max after Theatrical

Wonder Woman 1984 have been reported that it could be released on HBO Max just weeks after the current December release date.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman one of DCEU most successful movie prequel currently facing a lot of problems due to Covid-19 pandemic for its release date.
Warner Bros. Previously, The Movie was slated to hit theaters in June 2020, but then it was postponed to August, then October, and December.

The Movie sequel, directed by Patty Jenkins, ended all shooting in January 2019 and was soon post-production, but Warner Bros. had to push for the film's release at first sight before it finally landed for Christmas 2020.
A new report from Variety reveals that Warner Bros. executives discuss, What To Do With Wonder Woman from the DC 1984 Extended Universe. Sources close to the story say the most viable options at the moment are to keep its theatrical debut on December 25, 2020 and premiere on HBO Max in early January, or delay its release any further until summer 2021.

Warner Bros. don't want to take any risk with big budget movies after seeing TENET results in globally theatre's.
Wonder Woman 1984 is slated for a worldwide theatrical release on December 25, 2020, although it may be postponed again due to the pandemic.
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